This is N.P. Katedza's debut book of short stories. 

There are five stories that address issues such as childhood in the inner city to the loneliness and strangeness that come from being a stranger in a strange place.


The title story of Insignificant Lives addresses the  problems faced when scientific progress outpaces humanity.  No robots and computers here, just human drama.


The five stories in this beautiful little book may be different in terms of locale, but they all address the trials and tribulations we all face as we go through the work of daily living.


A mystery...

From the rarified atmosphere of privilidged Southern Africa to hidden lives in the west.


Excerpt from 'Bound':


     “Ms. Dane, you're going to have to listen to me carefully, now. Don't take what I've told you lightly. These are not the type of people you're used to dealing with. They don't play by any rules that you

or I understand. You can't rationalize them, and they won't go away,” he said quietly, looking at her with an intensity that bordered on the psychotic. “And don't make the mistake of dismissing me as a crackpot.” He continued, reading her mind.


Another Land 

                           Stories II

N.P. Katedza's second book of short stories.


Township Girls

This anthology of stories by strong Zimbabwean women who lived through pre and post independence Zimbabwe, is a must read.

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At African Writer's Collective  


At Flame lily

An excerpt from N.P. Katedza's title short story, Another Land can be found in The Poetry Insititute of Canada's anthology  "In the Wake of the Moon"

as Not Another Land.