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Township Girls, The Crossover Generation

This Anthology is a compilation of the memories

and stories of Zimbabwean women who lived 

through the war of independence and the 

aftermath.  The contributers are as varied as their 


This grondbreaking anthology can be purchased on and

from African Writer's Collective.

Launch of Township Girls, The Cross-Over Generation
When:  August 15, 2019
Where:  Whistler Public Library
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Canadian Launch of Township Girls 
When:  June 01, 2019  
Where:  Calgary, Alberta
A resounding success.  The Zimbabwean community in Calgary came out strong to support the launch of the book.

Township Girls


A Review by Margot van Ryneveld

This is a powerful, deeply personal and intense look at life by a community of women portraying memories of their childhoods forged by their experiences as township girls living through a period of transition from Rhodesia to an independent Zimbabwe. As I read this evocative anthology of 31 women’s memories I had the tangible sense that I was exploring a community-created patchwork quilt. I was afforded the opportunity to explore their communal patchwork quilt of memories as they looked back on their youth and explored joyful, painful, sad or treasured memories of a bygone era...

Margot van Ryneveld

BA, BEd (Ed Mngmnt), HDE (JP/PP)

Holy Rosary Primary School Principal

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On Bound:

OMG!!!  I finished it last night❤️

I loved the story.  What a conflict of the heart!!  Left me guessing and wanting to know more about what he had done while in the special branch - but then, I thought, honestly did it matter or would it have helped the story.  I think your book did a wonderful job of making me connected to the characters.  Also, it points out how despite changing, if the world or people you connect with don’t let you move along through the change, but instead hold you to the past, can you really change?  Or will you be pulled back like Garrett?  I believed he loved her🎁


...thoroughly enjoyed reading BOUND. The story kept me  engaged to the end.


Praise for

'Short Stories, Insignificant Lives'


"Perfect reading for a rainy autumnal evening"



"...tight, spare, stark, clear story telling"



On "The Obi":


"...the arc of the story has plenty of  narrative tension.



N.P. Katedza's second book of  short stories is due to be released this Autumn.

This small book touches on both the Canadian experience and dystopian themes that are relavant in the ever-changing landscape that is todays reality.

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